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Player Commands

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/home add <name> - Saves your current position as the location name. (alias sethome)
/home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. (alias listhomes)
/home remove <name> - Removes the location of your saved homes. (alias removehome)
/home <name> - Teleports you to the home location.
/tpr <player name> - Sends a teleport request to the player.
/tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request.
/tpc - Cancel teleport or request.
/town - Teleports yourself to town.
/tpinfo - Shows limits and cooldowns.
/tphelp - Shows help.

Place bounty's on other players using ingame items with optional FriendsAPI and Clans integration to stop claim abuse.
/bounty - Will show help
/bounty add Playername - Will open the bounty box to deposit your items. when closed the bounty will be placed
/bounty add PlayerName money ## - For use with economics, replace ## with the money amount
/bounty check - Will check the users current bounty's
/bounty check PLAYERNAME" - Will show you the players current bounty's
/bounty claim - Will list your current rewards with ID number
/bounty claim ## - Claims the reward with ID number ##
/bounty top - Will display the top 5 bounty hunters and top 5 total wanted times
/bounty wanted - Will display the top 5 wanted players and top 5 current wanted times

/cmenu - Opens the menu.
/a - Writes into the ally chat
/clan - Shows the clan overview
/clan help & /clanhelp - shows the help
/clan ally & /clanally - shows the ally options (owner or council)
/c - Writes into the clan chat
/cinfo - Shows info about other clans
/cff - Toggles the players friendlyfire status

/addfriend <name> - Adds a player to your friends
/removefriend <name> - Removes a player from your friends
/fm|f <message> - Broadcasts a message to all of your friends
/pm|m "name" <message> - Sends a private message to the specified player
/rm|r <message> - Replies to the last message received
/fmenu, - Opens the menu.

The Tipster
/admins - List of active admins.
/tipster - Shows the overview.
/online - Counts players, sleeps and admins of the server.
/players - List of active players.
/pluginlist - List of plugins in the server.
/rules - Displays server rules.

Server Vote
https://rust-servers.net/server/126120/ REGISTER AND VOTE THERE FIRST THEN VOTE IN GAME 
/vote - Checks for recent votes and awards user's "vote points".
/reward - Shows the user's current "vote point" count and a list of available rewards.
/reward <ID> - Claim's the reward with the specified ID. USE :REWARD 0

/playtime - Display your playtime
/playtime <playername> - Display the playtime for the specified player
/playtime top <optional:amount> - Display the top play times (top 10 by default)

/kit - See the full list of available kits for you.
/kit KITNAME - choose a kit.

/balance - check your balance.
/transfer <name> <money> - transfer [money] to [name] player.

/Trade "partial or full player name" - Send trade request.
/trade accept - Accept trade request.

/showsphere - allows authorized players to visually toggle cupboard radius of their tool cupboards in range and for duration set in config. Only that player will see the spheres.
/showsphereall- allows authorized players to visually toggle cupboard radius of their tool cupboards in range and for duration set in config. Those spheres will be visible by all players.

/pm <name> <message> - Send a private message to the user, if online
/r <message> - Send a reply to the user who sent the last message for you.

/pr tops – Displays a player's top stats for each category, in a private list.
/pr <category> – Displays server top 5 for that category to the user.*

/share - Main chatcommand to use the plugin

GUI Shop
/Shop - Get credits from http://store.royal-soldiers.com to buy items.

HitMarker GUI
/hitmarker - Toggle command

/map mini - To open the mini map.
/Map - Open Big map or press M.

This plugin allow to automatically update building parts to any grade just after you build it (using building plan).

/remove - Use hammer to remove object.

Steam ID Lookup
/id playername - Display steam id for the player

Friendly fire
/ff on|off - Toggles friendly fire on or off.

/voteday - Skip night Cast your vote.

/lantern - Toggle lights and automation on/off

Wipe Schedule
/nextwipe - Will announce your wipe cycle to the player that typed it

Time Of Day
/tod - Shows current time/day settings

Sign Artist
/sil - when looking at you sign.

/sl add - Converts the light you are looking at into a automated light.
/sl remove - Removes the automation from the light you are looking at.
/sl rotate - Set the lights default rotation to the direction the player is facing (for use with search mode).
Summon Choppers
/callheli - Call Heli onto your position.

/crosshair - enable/disable the crosshair.
/showmenu - opens crosshair selection menu ( default keyBind f5 ).

Skin Changer
/sc - Activates skin changer
/sc help - Shows instructions on how to use this plugin.

Lock-On Rockets
/lockon - Activates/Deactivates lock-on rockets.


/KdguitoggleToggles the GUI showing on your screen.

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