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rust update v4

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hello guys ive been working a lot on the battlefield and 100x server 

i let you know what i changed or added.

a nice sweet info panel when you join 598755f917230_RUST08_06.2017-19_46_07_01.thumb.png.79d0b531152829afd7b67c5995605853.png

ive been making kits for the battlefield server /kit VipBattle  ,    /kit Vipheli .. im going to make more tho

added some new plugins  better chat mute  <---  that means that members mods and admins can mute rude players /mute name 

members can kick people now IF they do something wrong  Admins can ban people now in game instead of trough the admin panel


auto doors :

compass :

Lootconfig so the components are 1000x aswell ! =







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