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Steezy <3

Member/Admin illusion

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Heya guys it's me again. 

I want to complain about your member/admin w/e. 


He warned me today on RS Nuke for "spawncamping". 

Before I start the complain I want to say -> I didn't at all. 

Explanation Camping: In video gaming, camping is a controversial tactic where a player obtains a static strategic position of advantage. This behaviour manifests in different ways depending on the type of game (online text adventure, graphical MMO, first-person shooter, etc.), but invariably involves a player waiting in one location for the game (or other players of the game) to do something which they can take advantage of, often repeatedly. Camping is often seen as a method for circumventing much of the effort usually required to acquire a desired reward makes the activity contentious. Among many players, camping is considered very similar to cheating, especially in deathmatch-type first-person shooter games. The most common reason for this is that if every player camps, there will be no opportunities for players to come into conflict, and thus there will be no game at all. However, by camping, a player is able to learn and adapt to the limited environment he/she is playing in; noting specific points to check repetitively. By following this method with little fault, a lower number of deaths can be achieved.


I was in attack, sure I was chatting with framey in time of round. At the same time def rushed attack-side, so why should I go back off spawn when I can kill them there? I just checked truck and bus first of both sides and then def side comes. I killed them and he warned me for spawncamping. I was arguing with him cause he were wrong and new to RS. 


I know Members want to use the commands, but not on this way. Framey were arguing with him too. illusion asked Framey if he wants a kick if he don't stop with that. Framey said yes and I just said: "even he is saying yes you aren't allowed to kick him." With which reason? Where is the respect of other opinions? "Oh he thinks not like me KICK"

Please don't say admin opinions have more worth than a norm. players one. That would be like a slavenation. 

I don't want him to be kicked or something. Just tell him how to act in those situation that he don't warn for everything at the first time. Or get his facts straight. It's disgusting. 


check the logs :-)


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He is new so give him a chance. When I was new I did the same mistake. But if the guy Framey kept arguing it may lead to a warn but not a kick.

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8 minutes ago, |RS|Athena said:
85   Warning Sat, 11/11/17 (19:36) 1 hour Sat, 11/11/17 (20:36) dont argue with admin Framey
84   Warning Sat, 11/11/17 (19:31) 1 hour Sat, 11/11/17 (20:31) behave yourself S T E E Z Y


I dont see him warning you for spawncamping at all, anyway we will take a look at this.


He forgot to set spawncamping in this warn. 


Yeah, for sure. I know that mistakes but it should be clear that he get a "schooling" for it.

anyways thanks, don't give him a punishment or something. Just give him advices how to handle situation.

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