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.KaYEzXx. <3

frcy_pro :D ~(bj)kalsado ~Doza Narkoza BAN REQ

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Your ingame name: |RS|.KaYEzXx. <3
Hackers ingame name: frcy_pro : D ~(bj)kalsado ~Doza Narkoza
B3 ID: @
What server: |RS|Sniper Only Nuketown
Screenshot:here u can find hes screenshot (http://status.royal-soldiers.com/banned.php?server_id=3)
What type of hack you think it is:WallHack
Anything else you want to say about this: i Ban Doza Narkoza without taking hes screenshot i forgot But im really really sure he's hacking:( anyway u can unban him and then waiting him to join and take screenshot if u want but im sure 1000% im so sorry about that MY BAD :D i will not do that again :) im sure hes hacking D: u know me guys xD i dont ban anyone

HACKER 4.png

hacker 5.png

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15 hours ago, |RS|PowahRanger said:

DozaNarkoza will be unbanned untill proof against him surfaces.

im telling u man hes hacking ! :) and i will try to get his ss soon (if he join the server)

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