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Provoking (got A bmi of 16.3 (ooh))

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Hey guys, 

I played with a player, which name is: got A bmi of 16.3 (ooh), to 2-3 games. This guy is just Provoking, and Insulting me (other players too). Playing with him makes no fun, I already told him to stop but he just laughed and said that Im just crying. I hope u guys can do something about that.

Screens: shot0002.thumb.jpg.a94e043eaa549311e64fa34125695313.jpgshot0003.thumb.jpg.2377239a5195cf6aed362ed64dfe6267.jpgshot0004.thumb.jpg.a0a63dd7ac0ac1f17e91d907c4b45fa4.jpgshot0005.thumb.jpg.aea76cf216c51fd239f20c8667b9d542.jpgshot0007.thumb.jpg.442152e60b9ec3189abd0b5f8bccb341.jpgshot0008.thumb.jpg.444e6a72961f898dcfd82094d19f4c56.jpgshot0009.thumb.jpg.3d631c85fe71774c2f7e3d85408e2e9d.jpgshot0010.thumb.jpg.da1e474605453c09a96ef2d240bca28c.jpgshot0011.thumb.jpg.072d8fe28d15915bd7d513e68956ed3a.jpg

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6 minutes ago, |RS|PowahRanger said:

I don't see any insults here other than dumbass. Can't do anything with these screenshots.

Letting you all to know this guy is a super chill dude. He is just having fun and joking all the time. I have played with him so many times. I even told you yesterday 2times he is joking but you still stay on your word.

He isnt  bad guy

Btw MSI_PRO PLEASE when an admin say something to you you should respect it not start to arguing about it like yesterday you did. I can warn you about that since there Is a rule, BUT I didnt do it since I know people sometimes make mistake. Also stop using your binds that cause the silient shot, because im going to kick you out of the server everytime I see you using it more than 3times.


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sorry for posting in locked,

But he is not that nice as you guys think,

he has been trolling all day with his friend, whenever he is alone in game without his friend he acts normal, so I dont know why he is acting like this tbh

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