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Royal Soldiers March Update [Important]

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Hello everyone,

March will hold some changes to our community. I will list all of these underneath.

Server Changes
It's sad to say that we have to downscale in our servers. We have decided to only keep running 3 cod4 servers. These being Sniper Only, Sniper Only Berry Village and CodJumper. The reason for this is simple. Our servers weren't getting even remotely close to the numbers we were hoping for. We hope that having less servers will focus our member's attention to our remaining servers and hopefully keep those a bit active.

As was expected from a lot of people, Battalion has failed. It's sad to say that I've removed our servers for it. Im sure you can all understand that there's no point in having 4 out of 1300 servers, whilst there are only 500-1000 consecutive players on the game, of which 90% are playing competitive matchmaking. The battalion project is on hold for now. If things change in the future, they will be put up again.

New Rank
Maybe you've checked out the Staff list and noticed something new. That's right. There is a new rank called "Managers". Managers are the ones who maintain/update servers. Most Managers will be chosen from the Super Admins. Some might be chosen from Administrator. We haven't fully worked out the rank so things might change.

The future of Royal Soldiers
We are convinced that cod4 is going downhill fast in 2018. We've tried a lot of things at the end of 2017, of which nothing really paid off. After doing research we've come to the conclusion that cod4 in West-Europe is close to being extinct, well... atleast not worth hosting a lot of servers for. This is why we have decided to downscale on cod4 servers permanently, and we are shifting our main focus onto Rust for the mean time.

Our current plans are as follows: See how cod4 goes for a couple of months, if it bares no fruits(no donations/not a lot of players) we will consider to stop hosting cod4 servers altogether or maybe just keep one. Our main focus now lies on Rust, If our 10x server keeps doing well and gets more populated, we will consider adding a vanilla server, or maybe a battlefield server again.

We'll keep the cs:go server as well, but no skins because we've already gotten bans for doing so.

We are still busy changing stuff in the community, we will keep you posted if there are new changes.

RS staff

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