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  2. fratfoxid

    i checked his chat log and its true.
  3. fratfoxid

    Most of you guys probably know this guy named fratfoxid from Russia(claiming to be 30 yo wich i doubt it). To be honest,I've never encountered such a toxic player in cod4,I mean everytime you kill him he starts flaming you with russian (sometimes says some random english words that you barely can understand) I don't mean to start any type of beef but if any of you guys had the same experience with this player,I'd be more than happy to know cause who knows,maybe he hates me personally for no apparent reason xD. I don't know why I'm bothered with this childish guy,but he really irritates me x) Regards, speeder
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  8. Happy Birthday

    Happy BIRTHDAY !
  9. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday

    Hello ^^77aV|^^22Amaan800^^77:>, Our records indicate that you just turned --. Royal Soldiers would like to wish you a happy birthday.
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