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  • Promod220 flags Custom & Source Code By CrazY

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    Features 1) Final Killcam
    2) Custom soundaliases names
    3) Removed PB Server Violation
    4) Country Flags In scorebored & On Team mates heads
    In order to use country flags you need to put GeoIP.dat inside your cod4 dir
    Soundaliases Name List (NOTE: MP3 Files And Scripts Are Not Included)
    wtf                wav
    welcome            wav
    countdown        mp3
    endround1        mp3
    endround2        mp3
    endround3        mp3
    endround4        mp3
    endround5        mp3
    endround6        mp3
    endround7        mp3
    endround8        mp3
    endround9        mp3
    endround10        mp3
    endround11        mp3
    endround12        mp3
    endround13        mp3
    endround14        mp3
    endround15        mp3
    endround16        mp3
    endround17        mp3
    endround18        mp3
    endround19        mp3
    endround20        mp3
    endround21        mp3
    endround22        mp3
    endround23        mp3
    endround24        mp3
    endmap            mp3
    dominating        mp3
    doublekill        mp3
    firstblood        mp3
    godlike            mp3
    headshot        mp3
    holyshit        mp3
    killingspree    mp3
    monsterkill        mp3
    rampage            mp3
    triplekill        mp3
    ultrakill        mp3
    unreal            mp3
    unstoppable        mp3
    whyami            mp3
    Enjoy From Royal Soldiers

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