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  1. Thank you for your donation we all appreciate it. The donation will be going towards server rental thanks again 👍

  2. sex :)


    1. Guest


      very good status update

      i love it lol

    2. PowahRanger


      I like de sex, a very nice

  3. love ya profile pic bro :)

  4. @Carra23 We are too soft we need to grow a back bone.

  5. @Carra23 We are too soft we need to grow a back bone.

  6. @Carra23 We are too soft we need to grow a back bone.

  7. Put jail the horrible person.

  8. @klopp_juergen

    1. |RS|Simply Blu3

      |RS|Simply Blu3

      Nice, but still Liverpool is bad..

    2. LIFE
  9. Classic lol

  10. Happy to get twitter and facebook linked on :)

  11. very happy 2day :)

  12. @KimKardashian Good for you!!!!

  13. @AntiGlib @realDonaldTrump You are a Wanker proper Wanker get a life what are you doing to make your country great…

  14. Please Sign!!!!!

  15. Please Sign!!!!!

  16. Ronnie was beaten on an Essex train by his owner. He died 3 days later as a result - Sign the Petit... via @UKChange

  17. @Willsdon @Carra23 @NeilMellor33 And who was you playing for?

  18. @klopp_juergen love what you are doing to liverpool. keep up the good work :)

  19. @sean_mcfc @ryan_roxs123456 U just buy big and hope for the best never grow your own simple as that maybe you will learn from the best LFC

  20. @LucasLeiva87 All the best scouse will all ways remember what you did for our club and the city. Your a proper scou…

  21. @KimKardashian Horrible woman you are.

  22. RT @Carra23: Yeerrrssss!!!!! Love it puyol.