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    Im Luka from Croatia. Been playin cod 4 . I am a professional beatboxer(or not). I do photography in a free time and a bit of web design. I m a warehouse worker and i really hate that job.. like even the boss wants to quit but he can't cuz he's the boss... I smoke cigars and sometimes herb.. i have three dogs and a cow. I'm tall, like very seriously tall. I'm 210 cm or around 6'10 . Been playin basketball before, but now just the street basketball.. I can dunk ;) and not that anyone care, but if u see somewhere a shoes size 15.5 call me +385957236564

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    Intel i5-7600T
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    NViDIA Gigabyte 2GB DDR3
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    RAM 8 GB
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    Well i know its intel, but don't know which series..
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    Corsair Carbide 600R

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