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  1. As i wasn't the guy who warned you i can't really tell you are right and even you are wrong so all i can say is that the rule you have to follow is 30 second but as i said before we can't count each second so we try always our best to decide to warn someone or not. But as you are saying someone of our stuff told you something wrong we are sorry about what happend.
  2. Rules says you can't stay longer than 30 sec in the same spot, but sometimes can happen that someone keep going in the same spot the whole game and get also warned as we can't count each second. #11.Camping: With camping, we don't mean waiting for someone when you hear them coming. This only applies if the culprit continues to stay in 1 spot for a time longer than 30 seconds. And a “spot” can mean a house, a backyard, a train. In general, just a small area. You got legs at birth, so use them. 1st Offence: Warnings, eventually leading to a Kick 2nd Offence: 1 day ban 3rd Offence: 1 Week ban Hope my help has been usefull.